Tricks to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Some of the most documented facts about the air-quality at home stem from the upholstery we use regularly and how clean they are. Granted that we are working from home nowadays and many companies looking into making work from home a new normal, we should start thinking about breathing cleaner air – at least something that is better than outdoor quality.

Clean air depends on the food we cook, how well ventilated our house is including other important factors like curtains, covers, sheets, and most importantly the ones we step on, carpets as they trap the most amount of dirt, dead skin, smoke, food odour, insects, allergens, and dung particles compared to any other upholstery used in the house and contribute a lot to the quality of air we breathe and are exposed to.

Indoor Air Quality is Affected by Carpets:

Apart from the cleaning rituals such as dumping of waste every day, taking shower, keeping the kitchen area clean to prevent scavengers that feed on them, it is certain that carpet cleaning should be practised on a regular basis since they contact with most amount of life-matter and can increasingly impact the quality of air indoors.

Health Signs That your Carpet Needs a Make-Over

  1. Skin irritation
  2. Digestive issues
  3. Fever and Abdominal cramps.
  4. Bad stomach
  5. Kawasaki syndrome

Since carpets are the storehouse of numerous allergens, and contaminants, removal of these particles is highly recommended during early stages to prevent major health consequences like asthma and allergies.

Over a period of time the germs start to get dangerously air-borne and may affect you or your loved ones health. The precedent set around carpet cleaning is that it should be cleaned regularly as much dirt on carpets is dry and regular cleaning may help eliminate dry particles off the carpet.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

However, being exposed to the environment most of the time, they tend to trap thousands of air pollutants deep inside the fibers that are hard to be removed without seeking assistance from a professional carpet cleaning in Paddington.

The most troublesome virus to live inside carpets is known to be norovirus that can survive for up to four to six weeks, and can cause stomach flu and gastroenteritis. A thorough cleaning procedure ensures reduction of the lifespan of such viruses.

Cleaning carpets is not only necessary healthwise but it significantly improves indoor air-quality which can easily keep viruses, pathogens, and bacteria at bay. Based on the foot-traffic homeowners should call upon experts cleaning at least once every three months. In case there are children and pets at home, deep cleaning is a much needed practise to prevent accumulation of pollutants inside the carpets. Deep carpet cleaning does only ensure cleaner and comfortable carpets, but wards off allergens from entering the air.