What are the Natural Remedies for Cleaning Costly Carpets?

Many people buy expensive carpets for their homes to give them an elegant look. However, they are a bit complicated when it comes to cleaning. Want to know about carpet cleaning methods for your expensive carpet? If yes then you should try out these natural remedies for cleaning costly carpets. These can be beneficial for effective cleaning of your carpets too without paying extra money.

Natural Remedies for Cleaning Costly Carpets

Using baking Soda

Before you begin your carpet cleaning process at home, you need to do vacuum cleaning thoroughly. This is suitable to get rid of any excess dirt and debris that is present on the carpet. Once you do this, you can try the home remedy for cleaning your costly carpet.

Baking soda is one the best home remedies that assures quick and effective cleaning of carpets. It has amazing properties that help to clean the stains and dirt from the carpet.  So, you can easily clean your carpet using baking soda by sprinkling it all over the carpet. Now, leave it for a few hours and then do the re-vacuuming of the carpet.


Vinegar is another natural remedy for cleaning a costly carpet that removes odors and removes food stains from the carpet. Seeing stains and spills on the carpets is common but you need to clean the carpet to avoid stains. For effective cleaning and deodorizing, you need to mix equal parts vinegar and water. Transfer the solution spray to the bottle to spray it onto the stain.  Leave the vinegar and water solution for some time to remove the stain and odor.

Dish detergent

One of the natural remedies for cleaning carpets that you can try is dish detergent. Make sure you are using a mild detergent for cleaning the costly carpet. This sort of cleaning is quite effective and shows instant results. 

It is a convenient product for cleaning the carpet as it can be found in every kitchen. The good thing is that it can be used for removing stains or spills. Apart from this, it will help in restoring your dirty carpets to their previous form.

Use ice

Is there any chewing gum on your carpet? Don’t know how to clean it? If yes then applying ice would be a better option for cleaning the carpets. All that you need to do is to keep the ice on the stained area or on the gum to remove it properly.

Mild shampoo

If you are looking for an effective way of cleaning your expensive carpet then you can try using a mild shampoo that you use in the bathroom for hair washing. This ensures effective cleaning without affecting the carpet’s color. You can also take the help of professional carpet shampoo cleaning services in Paddington.


If you have costly carpets then these above-mentioned home remedies are helpful. These are great for ensuring immediate and budget-friendly cleaning of your expensive carpets. Try these natural remedies for cleaning costly carpets to clean your carpets with ease. These will be very helpful to clean the carpet stains.